SR. Design: ConEdison

UPR Level Security

Boston University, Team 24 ECE Sr. Design, Sponsored by Con Edison, Inc. 


The goal of my senior design project, devised by Sergo Sagareli of Con Edison, was to develop an affordable patrol robot for electrical substations. The robotic objectives included autonomous navigation, person and gauge detection, and video streaming, while the rest of the project necessitated a website to view the streaming, download selected clips and pictures, and control the robot remotely. The team consisted of Eugenia Almandoz, CE, Brandon Webster, CE, Namir Fawaz, CE, Juan Peralta, EE, and myself, EE.  


In this project, I served as lead engineer on navigation, including autonomous navigation to a destination, object avoidance, and remote control. My team and I managed a navigation system that was both affordable and effective. I also contributed to the sensors section of the project, including person and gauge detection. 


Here is our full user manual on the project, including our project details, our processes, our progress, and our results. 

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