Camera Stabilizer

Arduino-Powered Camera Stabilizer Prototype

Arslan Awan, Hayden Lee, University of Sydney, 2017


This embedded systems project's goal was to create a product that uses a microprocessor - along with other general electrical elements - to create a mechanical or digital response. We decided to build a camera stabilizer, known as a gimbal, that would counteract the unwanted motion of the human hand to keep the camera steady. We treated the project as a prototype and used minimal amount of materials due to budget and time constraints. 


On a small team of three, my role was as an electrical engineer and designer. I programmed the majority of the Arduino code, and spent a considerable amount of time on the hardware design. Programming the Arduino inspired me to do more with embedded systems and the design process built my understanding of how many stages a simple concept will go through before coming to full fruition. 



Here is the report of our project, including parts, code, process, and discussion.

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