IOT Pill Dispenser

IOT Pill Dispenser, Christian Karl of Intel, 2015

Charles Brister-Ramirez, Joonho Han, Pulkit Mittal, Michelle Rose


This project was dedicated to augmenting convenience in the lives of those required to take medication at regular intervals. We designed our pill dispenser to allow the user to program their medication schedule and deliver the medications at their respective times using a vacuum, actuator, Raspberry Pi, and other motors. Our cross-disciplinary team worked closely with Christian Karl of Intel who taught us valuable lessons in the relationship between client desires and the pursuit our own ideas. 


As the sole electrical engineer on the team, I was in charge of all electrical components of the project, including purchasing parts, designing the circuitry of the various parts, and the physical wiring/soldering of the device. This project taught me a considerable amount about the constraints and difficulties of product design, but also showed me how it is extremely fulfilling. 


Here is our final report of our project documenting our entire process.

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